Firefighter Requirements train to be a firefighter

Firefighter Requirements

What Are The Firefighter Requirements

Just like any other profession, firefighting requires training and discipline. This career is quickly increasing in popularity and this has led to a raise in the qualifications that one should have in order to join. Without meeting these firefighter requirements you cannot join the firefighting department in most states.

These requirements usually vary from one municipality to the next. However, there are those that are common to all. So, you need to meet all the qualifications so as to join the department.

The first thing that is checked is academic level. You should have a good education background and have the minimum certification. For example, some of the municipalities require you to have a college degree or credits. The bar differs from one locality to the next. Education is very important in this field, since you have to know how to interact with the general public and how to operate the different machines that are used in practice.

firefighter requirements

You also need to be trained in this field. There are a few different ways through which you can acquire this training. All these option lead to the same result, however, through different channels. They are all discussed in detail below.

Different training options for firefighters

Attending the fire academy training at your local fire department is one of the options. This depends on where you want to serve as a firefighter. Some departments have a training program while others do not.

The training takes a couple of weeks. It consists of theory classes and practical sessions. This is important in creating an all rounded fire fighter, because the occupation requires both mental and physical fitness. Some of the subjects the students learn include fire battling techniques, fire prevention, hazardous material control, emergency medical procedures and the local building codes among many others.

It is very important for fire fighters to have some medical training background. For this reason, many departments require that one holds certification as a paramedic or emergency medicine technician (EMT). On the more physical side of training, the trainees are taught how to use tools such as axes, fire extinguishers, chain saws, ladders and other equipment that is used in the exercise.

The other training option is the National fire academy (NFA). This is a constituent college of the National Emergency Training Center. Apart from the national fire academy this training center also houses the Emergency management institute and Fire administration institute.

The NFA offers courses in the resident campus and also has many other branches all around the country. The instruction and course material are all provided free of charge. Also, travel costs and accommodation for students who actively participate or volunteer in fire departments is paid for by the state. When one has completed the course, they are given credits which are recognized by other colleges countrywide.

You can also join the college for firefighters. Many schools offer certificates and degrees to students who want to become firefighters. The most common certificate is the Fire science degree. There are many other options for those who want to be trained and fulfill the firefighter requirements before joining the fire department.